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Weed Control

In Southern Arizona we have a year round season of weed growth. Often people are unaware that weeds grow during winter months as well as the rest of the year.

Pre-Emergent Service:

Pre-emergent herbicides are used to control weed seeds before they sprout. It affects only the seeds when they germinate. The pre-emergent will not harm any vegetation or weeds that are already present.

Pre-emergent is applied over the entire yard. The more thorough the treatment is the better the control. Timing is key to applying the pre-emergent. It needs to be done right before the summer and/or winter rains. All of our customers receive a pre-emergent treatment on the first service and then again every 6-12 months as needed.

Post-Emergent Service:

Post-emergent herbicides control weeds that have already started growing. Once they have started growing they can make more seeds and the weed problem will get worse.

Post-emergent is applied directly to the weed or unwanted plant. This is done on a spot treatment application.

Pre-emergent treatments aren’t 100% effective so you will still have some weeds. This is because there can be hundreds of thousands of seeds on your property just waiting to emerge. Seeds can stay dormant in the ground for many years plus seeds are constantly being brought into the yard by the wind, animals and people. This is why we recommend our monthly weed treatment.

Tucson (520) 290-8010

Phoenix (480) 468-2412

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